Postcards from Morocco

Morocco was a country full of colour, smells, culture and pattern.

This country had been on the top of my bucket list for many years and getting the opportunity to visit this place that I had always thought of as an exotic, far away destination was a very surreal reality.  I visited Marrakech, Agadir, Essaouria, M’hamid and spent two nights camping in the Sahara Desert, something I had been looking forward to for a long time. After the tour, I spent three days on my own in Marrakech where I stayed in a local Riad which is a traditional style Moroccan style building, usually several levels with a center courtyard and rooftop to enjoy the sun. 

I spent 8 days here on an adventure tour with Travel Talk tours, and then an additional 3 days on my own in Marrakech. I enjoyed my fair share of Moroccan pastries & mint tea, ran scared from the rattle snakes in the Medina, shopped at local fruit markets, had traditional henna art done on my hand and soaked up every little bit of Morocco that I could.

My depiction of Morocco before this trip was a dry, hot oasis, exclusive and bustling, a Pinterest board vision, and since visiting I've grown to see so many sides of this incredible country- never-ending palm tree oasis',  diverse terrain of the Atlas Mountains, the rugged coastline of Essaouira, lush paprika desert and hippie villages filled with art, cats and rugs that I'm still lusting over. It's a place much more than a Sahara like postcard, and well worth the visit. 

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